The sculpture refers to the migration crisis and the war in Ukraine. The installation consists of two components: the first are sharpened oak piles, reminiscent of those placed at border crossings to protect territory and deter intruders. The second component is the tread of a tractor tire - an element that bears traces of its original purpose of transport and food production. The installation is reminiscent of barricades hastily constructed from whatever is available. The work combines two elements with opposing roles - sharpened poles (barrier) and a tire (transport). The sculpture also alludes to the protection of one's own food resources, which are produced using machines with tires like the one used in the installation.
Used tires are also a common material in rural art, with amateur artists using them to create sculptures of animals or pots. This art is mostly overlooked, reflecting a certain disregard for the needs of the rural population, from where most emigrants come.



For hundreds of thousands of years, people have relied on fire,
Burning tires during demonstrations and revolutions are a symbol of defiance, but unfortunately, due to their toxicity, they cannot warm the participants. Burning with black fire, they remain only an eloquent smoke signal.
Work is a symbol of unmet needs. Just like the fireplace, that does not provide warmth and shelter.



A worn tractor tire takes the form of an ear of grain. It is interesting to see the visual convergence of things that have such different origins and yet are so closely linked today. Both are also subject to constant conflicts and wars over raw materials such as oil or food. The fruit of modern industry, used up and redundant, has been transformed into the form of the fruit it was created to produce. In a way, the sculpture reflects our deep embedding in nature and the fact that despite the complex and seemingly advanced technology we surround ourselves with, we are only one step away from nature and are still part of it.

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